Nintendo President Comments On New Switch Hardware

Rumors have circulated for months and months that Nintendo is working on some kind of updated Switch hardware, a “Nintendo Switch Pro” that would feature a bigger screen and be capable of outputting in 4K resolution. But E3 has come and gone and Nintendo didn’t announce any such device. Is all hope gone that we could see an upgraded Switch before the end of the year? Maybe. Or maybe not. Nintendo is keeping all of its cards very close to the vest.

President of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser addressed some of the Switch Pro rumors in a recent interview with The Washington Post, saying, “We are always looking at technology and how technology can enhance gameplay experiences. It’s not technology for technology’s sake. It’s how specifically can technology enhance a gameplay experience. And then where do you apply that technology? Do you want to apply it on current existing hardware or platforms, or do you want to wait for the next platform? And then what’s the right gameplay experience with that? There’s a host of factors that goes into it, and it’s something we’re always looking at.”

Bowser may have sidestepped the question about new hardware a bit, but he went on to say, “As we enter into our fifth year, Nintendo Switch really is redefining what a console life cycle can look like, and the vibrancy of that overall life cycle with a strong cadence of content,” Bowser said.

Nintendo might not need to release new hardware anytime soon. To date, the Switch has sold 85 million consoles as of April, and remains one of Nintendo most successful pieces of hardware. Does that mean the company won’t release a Switch upgrade in the future? No. The real question is when? And the answer to that is anyone’s guess (so go for it).

For more on what Bowser thinks of Nintendo as a whole be sure to read The Washington Post’s full article.

[Source: The Washington Post]

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