No More Heroes 3 Beam Katana Showcased in New Footage

A new No More Heroes 3 trailer dropped in Japan, and this time it focuses on Travis Touchdown’s Beam Katana. The sci-fi sword is a staple in his arsenal and returns for this installment. The new gameplay footage shows how it works in a fight and what Travis will need to do to keep it fully charged.

The No More Heroes 3 video begins by showing Travis cut through aliens with the Beam Katana. Initially, there’s no UI. But after a few minutes, that appears. It shows Travis’ health in the upper left and the Beam Katana’s battery level in the upper right.

After about the halfway point, it gets into how charging works. Travis will have to shake it like the shake weight dumbbell in order to refill the energy gauge.

Here’s the full No More Heroes 3 Beam Katana gameplay trailer.

The last video showing off No More Heroes 3 also involved a fight. However, that one was more focused on what it’s like to go against a boss–Gold Joe.

No More Heroes 3 will come to the Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2024.


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