No More Heroes 3 got a gameplay video from Nintendo, but not on stream

We’re only a few months away from the return of Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes 3, but after Nintendo’s E3 stream ended, it seemed the game would be absent from the conference. That is until Nintendo published a 25-minute deep dive into the game on its YouTube channel.

No More Heroes 3 is developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and directed by Suda Goichi, also known as Suda 51. Based on the gameplay demo, it seems the third entry will still have the offbeat style and weird sense of humor that makes Suda 51 games so unique.

The first No More Heroes was originally released on the Wii and was one of the most notable games to take advantage of the console’s motion controls for something a little more action-oriented. Fitting that theme, this demo for No More Heroes 3 was shown off by someone playing with two Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, using motion controls for the series’ signature hack-and-slash combat.

Technically, the gameplay presentation was part of Nintendo’s Treehouse presentation, but for some reason it didn’t make it into the livestream portion of the show, which lasted for several hours on Tuesday. The demo includes a few combat sections, as well as glimpses of the odd activities and minigames that Travis Touchdown will complete between missions. There’s even a section that seems to be a boss fight.

No More Heroes 3 is set to be released on Aug. 27, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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