Paralives Looks Like The Grand Designs Game I’ve Always Wanted

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I wrote about Paralives last year, because a) it’s cool seeing a proper competitor to The Sims, and b) the house construction stuff looked really interesting. A year later and the house stuff now looks like 94% of the reason I want to play this game.

See, courtesy of passions for both architecture and chill television I have an unhealthy obsession with the show Grand Designs, and have long been utterly mystified that there hasn’t been a more prominent (I’m aware some smaller titles exist) game built just around…building nice houses.

And while The Sims has long had some pretty cool house-building stuff, what Paralives is doing here looks like some next-level shit, from the way we’re able to shape the outside of the house to the variables we’re given on stuff like resizing windows and applying finishes.

I’m seeing a future where people play this game entirely for the building and furniture element, despite the fact the whole point of this is that it’s actually a whole damn life simulator.

You can follow along with Paralives’ development at the game’s Patreon.



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