Phasmophobia devs are teasing new ghosts and fans already have theories

The team behind Phasmophobia, Kinetic Games, is teasing two new ghosts that are coming to harass would-be hunters in the game – and players are already building theories about what these spirits are. Furthermore, it looks like players will need a new type of equipment to deal with them.

Developer Kinetic Games promised “big things ahead” in a tweet a couple of weeks ago for fans of Phasmophobia, but it was light on details – that was literally the entirety of the tweet, those three words. We already know the team is planning a “large overhaul” of the game, along with a re-balance of difficulty, but other than a new evidence type a lot of the upcoming August update in the development Trello is ‘redacted’.

The new tease, as posted on Twitter, shows two new spirit types from the ghost hunter’s diary – with a lot of words blurred out, including the names and a piece of new equipment. However, at least a few letters can generally be made out, and that’s enough to set internet sleuths on the case.

The blurred bit on the second line on the right-hand side, for example, looks a lot like “by laser light” – suggesting a laser pointer as the new equipment piece. As for the ghosts, the letter ‘G’ seems to be visible at the end of the first name and the beginning of the second. This has been enough for fans to suggest the Myling, a creepy child spirit, and the vengeful Japanese Goryō – both of which sounding exactly what you’d like to meet alone in a dark house.

These are only theories, of course, and until the ghosts arrive – most likely in the next update, as the developer has done previously – players won’t know for sure just how badly they don’t actually want to play this game in VR, honestly.

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