Tips and Tricks to Playing FIFA 22 and 23


FIFA 23 was released in September 2023 and includes some improvements, primarily in dribbling and accelerations, but some players believe that some shots work better in FIFA 22. In fact, many players prefer FIFA 22, and perhaps the best feature of the update is that it supports cross play across multiple formats. This has undoubtedly contributed to FIFA 22’s continued popularity. Even after the release of FIFA 23, the game continues to grow in popularity, making it one of the most compelling video games in the series.

To fully appreciate and enjoy FIFA, regardless of whether you play 22 or 23, you will need to learn about some of the subtler aspects of the gameplay, which are not easy to learn, but once you do – you will have a strong grasp of the game. They are frequently referred to as “hacks,” but the truth is that your game knowledge is limited to understanding how the game’s core mechanics work and extensive practice that makes it (somewhat) easy to play well. As one of the best online games available, we believe that learning these FIFA tips and tricks will bring you a lot of joy.

What to Look for When Playing FIFA eSports


There are several aspects of the experience that you need to be vigilant about. It’s always a good idea to treat FIFA as online esports, which it is. The game is excessively competitive and that is definitely a good thing. In fact, there are many people who watch FIFA for the purely competitive aspect of the game.

To really master the game, you must first learn how to defend. The game can be frustrating if you don’t know how to control your backline and understandably so since you don’t want to give up too many goals to your opponents. Players who are new to the game can find defending a tad easy, but don’t worry. A game of FIFA is not a real game of soccer and you will see a lot of points scored. This doesn’t mean that you are a bad player. However, it does mean that you can improve your play a little. There are three main things you can do to defend:

  • Defend with Your Midfielders

Many players are somewhat mistakenly led to believe that the defense relies only on their, well–defenders. That is not entirely true. Your defense starts way ahead, with the midfielders. They are the make-or-break component of your defense as they allow you to quickly and very efficiently move through the field and deliver great performances. You can strengthen your position in the middle and focus on stopping your opponents there instead of waiting for the arguably stronger defensive players to fend off an attack.

  • You Don’t Need a Tackle

You don’t have to overcommit to your defense. Many players think that tackling is a great way to stop an incoming attack, but by committing a tackle you are risking a card and you are similarly not sure if you will even come close. Body blocks are far superior because having more people in the field is far more difficult for the attacker to overcome. After all, having a few more bodies in front of your goal means that the striker must deliver the ball in them at a very hard angle to be successful. This doesn’t happen often. Tackle, though, and you may be minus one for your defense.

  • Create Bad Scoring Conditions

Once you have an opponent figured out, you know what to expect. This is the moment when you start putting a lot of strategy into practice. The idea here is to predict your opponent’s attack and restrict it by simply creating playing and scoring conditions. If you make shooting opportunities difficult, your opponent will have to be more inventive – and perhaps more dangerous – but statistically you have limited him almost fully.

FIFA 22 & 23 Both Features Mbappé Cover


Mbappé has deservedly made the cover of both FIFA 22 and FIFA 23. The young PSG ace has a lot to offer in terms of delivering a great performance, and he hasn’t slowed down since FIFA named him the best young player of the 2018 World Cup. Mbappé will remain an undeniable asset to his team PSG after turning down a transfer to Real Madrid in order to stay with PSG for another three years.

For the FIFA 23 cover, he’s featured together with the Chelsey forward Sam Kerr. This is a well-deserved honor for both of these players. However, FIFA has a reputation for being a game in which real-world football players frequently complain to EA about their scores being underrepresented in the game. Football has a lot of egos, and EA has had to appease those great players. Surprisingly, while most players are only concerned with being athletic, they want to ensure that their names continue to appear in what is arguably the greatest football simulator of all time.