Poll: What Did You Think Of Nintendo Direct At E3 2024?

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Nintendo’s E3 Direct has wrapped up, and as you’d expect it was full of game showcases and revealed a fair amount of Nintendo goodness. We’ve been writing up the news for your eyeballs on the homepage, and you can check out a round-up of the major announcements below.

Pleasingly Nintendo was able to keep the contents of this Direct away from many of the usual leakers online, and some of the first-party surprises were certainly fan-favourite announcements. The long absent Metroid Dread arrives this year after about 15 years(!) of waiting. There’s the long-awaited return of Advance Wars with Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp, which will serve up the two GBA originals in a drastically remastered form. Of course we also had WarioWare: Get It Together! announced, which it’s fair to say was long demanded by fans.

Of course, there was also a Legend of Zelda segment, with the highlights being an upcoming Game & Watch and, more importantly, a fresh look at Breath of the Wild 2. Breath of the Wild Hair, perhaps.

As Nintendo had always stated, it was all about software – so rumours around hardware were off base. There was plenty of third-party content too (as you can see in the round-up) so the rest of 2024 is looking packed with good games. Within our team we were pretty excited by a lot of the reveals, especially those highlighted above. Those are some long-requested franchises and games getting a fresh chance on Switch, which is great to see.

The question, though, is did you enjoy the Direct? Vote in the polls below and share your views in the comments!

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