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PUBG Mobile’s massive 2024 TEAM UP CHALLENGE has just concluded, and what a thriller it was! Absolutely crazy stuff! Here’s the list of regional winners from this year’s event:

  • The Middle East / North Africa – Champion team led by Nasrat
  • Europe – Champion team led by FROZENNX
  • Southeast Asia – Champion team led by ZAN
  • North America – Champion team led by Wynnsanity
  • South America – Champion team led by Lu Power

Besides crowning these legendary teams, about 30 other awards were also given out to honour the players’ efforts throughout the competition. Panda was voted favourite content creator of North America, BTR Alive of Southeast Asia, Powerbang won the best MC award and Wynnsanity was voted the funniest content creator in North America.

While this star-studded, mind-blowing contest is over, PUBG MOBILE already has a lot waiting for its fans. It’s like they just keep giving!

PUBG MOBILE fans can once again welcome the return of the world-renowned DJ Alan Walker. In 2019, he partnered with PUBG Mobile and celebrated its first anniversary by releasing two singles in the game – ‘On My Way’ and ‘Live Fast’. Alan Walker’s re-entry into the world of PUBG Mobile will be discussed sometime in the future, but as of now, fans can rejoice in the knowledge that he’s coming back!

The Godzilla vs Kong crossover in PUBG Mobile was literally massive. It is now time to welcome the world-famous Japanese manga and anime – Jujitsu Kaisen, to the world of PUBG Mobile. This new collaboration will be going live soon.

pubg mobile jujitsu kaisen

If you didn’t think the architecture in version 1.5 was already uber-cool, then you’re about to change your mind! PUBG Mobile’s third and last (at the moment) collaboration is with Zaha Hadid Architects. These guys are massively talented with a team of over 500 supremely talented architects who with their passion and commitment are furthering Zaha Hadid’s legacy in six continents. They will be designing maps in the future for players to enjoy.

With so many things coming your way, you can’t not be playing PUBG Mobile right now. Download it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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