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When PUBG New State was announced earlier this year, the pre-registration was unavailable in China, Vietnam, and India. Other than these countries, the game was available for pre-registration everywhere else. There were no details about whether or not PUBG New State would launch in these regions. However, Krafton has now confirmed that PUBG New State will be available in India when the game launches globally. However, there are still no updates about China or Vietnam.


In February 2022, Krafton announced PUBG New State and promptly opened pre-registration. In the press release, Krafton mentioned that India, China, and Vietnam had been excluded, and pre-registration for the game would not be available in these regions.

Players assumed that this meant that PUBG New State would never launch in these three countries. And the fact that PUBG Mobile was recently banned in India further strengthened that argument.


However, Kafton clearly doesn’t want to miss out on a market like India, which contributed to around 25% per cent of the PUBG Mobile playerbase. Hence, they recently released Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country, which is basically PUBG Mobile India. And they don’t want to miss out on the same opportunity with PUBG New State. 

PUBG New State will release in India too

Karfton has just announced that PUBG New State will be available in India too when the game is launched globally. The announcement was made on the game’s official website and its social media channels.

PUBG New State is also now available for pre-registration in India. Players from India can pre-register for the title via Google Play or App Store. Krafton has also released a dedicated Facebook Fan Page and Instagram for the Indian audience.

There are also rumours that Krafton is planning to conduct an Alpha test for PUBG New State in India.  However, there are no official words about this just yet, so we will have to wait and see if it’s true or not.

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