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Punishing: Gray Raven is a game that first made an appearance in Asia, but it didn’t go unnoticed in the other parts of the world either. Rocking what appeared to be amazing graphics and a (yes, you guessed it) gacha system, the game looked quite promising. Now that we’re getting closer and closer to its official release date, it would be great to learn a thing or two about the game, right?

Below we will dive into some of the key aspects of the game, and answer some of the most popular questions one might have about it. From the Punishing: Gray Raven release date to the characters and playstyle, we’ve got you covered.

What is Punishing: Gray Raven?

Punishing: Gray Raven is an action role-playing game that takes place in a dark cyberpunk world, where technology has taken over. Corrupted by The Punishing, androids drove humanity outside of their homeworld and onto Babylonia, a space station. It is now Gray Raven’s task to help mankind reclaim their lands through stunning graphics and compelling gameplay.

The game will feature everything that you might expect from the genre – complex RPG, top-notch visuals and intense hack-and-slash combat with unique skills for each character.

Can we play Punishing: Gray Raven on PC?

The game is a mobile game, that will be available for Android and iOS only, but as many of you might know, there are plenty of emulators that you can use if you want to play it on PC. If you don’t want to run an emulator, then you will have to settle for mobile.

Will the game release globally?

Yes! So far the game is available in China and Japan, but it’ll come out globally soon. As we have previously announced, the game will release worldwide this summer. Don’t worry though – we’ll keep you in the loop! 

Punishing: Gray Raven gameplay

Is Punishing: Gray Raven similar to Genshin Impact?

The short answer to this would be yes, but it’s complicated. If you want to draw a line of comparison, then yes – the game is similar in terms of graphics and certain gameplay elements to Genshin Impact. It’s even similar to Nier: Automata and Bayonetta. It has tag-teams and anime graphics, however, there is one major difference. The two fall on completely different ends of the spectrum, giving off opposite vibes.

While Genshin Impact feels more “light”, Punishing: Gray Raven is set in a completely different world – a dark, post-apocalyptic one, where technology has taken over.

Okay, okay, but how do we play it?

Moving on to the how-to-play Punishing: Gray Raven area, there are quite a lot of layers to it. Firstly, let’s cover the basics. Players will be able to deploy 3 heroes at once, and they can switch between them at any given time (even mid-combat). That means only one thing – it’s down to the little details.

We will give you a full guide and tips for it, as soon as the game’s available!

Punishing: Gray Raven global release date

The release date for the Punishing: Gray Raven is set for summer 2022. As for the exact date and time, we don’t know yet.

What other features will the game have?

There are plenty of other features you can expect from the game. While we don’t know ALL of them, here are a few that we know for sure you can find in Punishing: Gray Raven:

  • Housing system (the Dorm)
  • Affection (increase your intimacy with the characters and learn more about each one of them)
  • Guild system
  • A mentor-student system (to help out newer players and increase the rewards you can get)
  • Gacha system (unlocking new characters)

Of course, there are going to be a lot more features once the game releases. There will be equipment upgrades, overclocking and affixing it (which basically means adding additional stats to the equipment) and memories (which enhance your character stats further). 

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