Rumour: Unannounced Dead Space Game Is a ‘Reimagining’, Not a Sequel

Dead Space PS5

It looks like a revival of the Dead Space franchise is definitely on the cards as more sites come forward with information pertaining to the rumoured project. First reported by Games Beat writer Jeff Grubb, Eurogamer corroborated the claim by stating the information lines up with what the outlet has heard. Now, Gematsu has come forward with an even juicier tidbit. The new Dead Space title from EA Motive will be a “reimagining” rather than a sequel to the original trilogy.

Sal Romano, owner of the outlet, said: “Gematsu has also separately heard that a Dead Space revival is in the works at Motive, which is said to be a reimagining rather than a sequel to the existing trilogy.” If the claim is true, then it opens up a lot of new possibilities for what this new entry could be. We assume it will stick to the third-person survival horror format, but will there be any returning characters or an entirely new cast? As long as the Plasma Cutter makes a comeback, we think we’ll be alright, however.

This new Dead Space game is supposedly being announced during EA Play next month on 22nd July 2024, so we’ve got a couple of weeks to wait before we see it for ourselves. What new direction do you think this reimagining will take the series in? Speculate in the comments below.

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