Rune Factory 5 English Voice Acting Appears in Its E3 2024 Trailer

At the E3 2024 Future Games Show, XSEED showed a first look at the English voice acting in Rune Factory 5. A new trailer appeared at the event offering a peek at the different characters and gameplay ahead of its debut.

Here’s a peek at the Rune Factory 5 English voice acting in its E3 2024 trailer..

This is far from the first trailer from the game. However, most of them appeared in Japan. In one, people had a chance to look around Rigbarth, the game’s town. There was also the first trailer, of course. That confirmed it would be a 3D game like Rune Factory Oceans.

As for XSEED in general, this is one of multiple E3 2024 games it will show off. The two confirmed titles are Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed and Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle. Both of those games will have their own livestream presentations during E3 2024 proper. At those presentations, people will be able to see how each one plays and works. One of the Shadowverse voice actors will even be at that June 15, 2024 briefing. The other three XSEED titles are a mystery.

Rune Factory 5 will come to the Nintendo Switch in early 2024. It is immediately available in Japan. E3


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