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Are you ready to get brainpunk? Scarlet Nexus is out in just a few days on June 25. Is it a good choice for your gaming library? Join Dan Tack today on Game Informer live for a discussion all about the game. Got a question? Ask away, cause we’ll be fielding all the queries you can conjure up! When is it all happening? 2 PM CT on Twitch! Like, share, and subscribe!

“Scarlet Nexus transports players into a “brainpunk” anime world where psionic powers and bizarre otherworldly creatures threaten humanity. What does brainpunk mean? In this somewhat modern era, massive advances in mind technology have led to the use of incredible psychic abilities,” I said in my Game Informer review.  “Of course, not everything is as it seems, and a mystery unravels over the course of the journey. Scarlet Nexus excels at selling its stylish and unique world, crafting combat that’s a joy to play and watch, pitting players against weird, wonderful bosses. However, some elements – like character dialogue, relationship building, and level design – weigh down an otherwise excellent experience.”

I scored the game quite high with an 8.75, which was definitely a pleasant shift from Code Vein, for instance. However, depending on what you’re looking for out of a game, it may not meet your There’s a lot to talk when it comes to Scarlet Nexus, and we’ll be discussing it all today live. So, come join us on Twitch for all the freaking action! 

Are you looking forward to Scarlet Nexus? What’s your favorite anime and why is it Ninja Scroll? Is Alex going to profess his secret love for Death Note on the podcast tomorrow? Hint: The answer to that last one is yes. Let us know in the comments and come by the stream!

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