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Red Games Co has released its narrative-driven card game Solitaire Stories on Apple Arcade. You can now play the game on your iOS device with an active Apple Arcade subscription.

Solitaire Stories puts a twist on the formula of one of the world’s oldest and most recognisable card games, now adding a narrative aspect to the game in a series of challenging levels.

Each level features a different story that mingles narrative and gameplay in interesting ways, and there are several ones you can enjoy with different deck designs, gameplay environments, music and more.

Beyond that, there are daily challenges too which net you gold rewards. This can be exchanged for hard-earned currency to unlock new stories and decks.

A Quick Play option has also been included which provides you with a more traditional Solitaire experience, with no story or challenge missions to distract you. In this mode, you simply choose what deck theme you’d like and play.

Solitaire Stories also features a bunch of customisation options, allowing you to alter the look and feel of the game based on your preferences. Besides the designs of the decks themselves, you can also select a right and left-hand mode alongside the option to play in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Red Games has also mentioned it will be adding new stories and decks on a monthly basis following the launch period. So if you enjoy the game, be sure to keep it around on your phone for regular new content to chew through.

Solitaire Stories is available now on the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade, the premium subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of exclusive mobile games on iOS devices. It is available for $4.99 a month.

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