Stardew Valley Player Discovers a Skip that Lets You Get Into the Secret Woods Early


The Secret Woods is a hidden little area located just southwest of your farm in Stardew Valley. Ordinarily, you’d need to have your axe upgrade to the steel tier in order to access it as there’s a giant log in your way, but the player base has discovered a new skip that will let you access that area early.

Posted on the game’s subreddit, user Accurate-Ad-1191 discovered that if you have a chair in your inventory, you can place it right at the corner of the log, then move towards it. Your character will hop onto the chair, effectively bypassing the log to get to the Secret Woods.

There’s not much point in accessing this area so early on, but it does let you gather some hardwood on a daily basis, and fish in the secret pond for some Woodskips.

Stardew Valley is now available on PC and consoles.


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