Strangeland, the new game from the makers of Primordia, is out today (and very good)

Strangeland, the new point-and-click adventure from Primordia developer Wormwood Studios, tells the tale of a distressed amnesiac trapped within the confines of a surreal, nightmarish amusement park suffocating under a malevolent darkness. It opens abruptly, with a woman leaping to her death—not for the first time, the raven warns—but as the story progresses it becomes clear that the true mystery is not what it first appears.

I’ve played a few hours of Strangeland, not quite enough to finish it but more than enough to get hooked, and the deeper I go, the better it gets. The narrative is filled with allusions and hints of a deeper meaning: On the surface it’s a fairly conventional point-and-clicker, with people to talk to and “use-this-on-that” puzzles to solve, but the story is suffused with a darkness that sometimes makes the “game” feel almost incidental.

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