The best Amazon Prime Day controller deals

Amazon Prime Day is upon us once again, and there’s never been a better time to pick up the best PC controller, steering wheel, or joystick. Currently Razer, SteelSeries, Logitech, and PowerA have multiple devices on sale before Amazon kicks off its annual event on June 21, reducing them to a fraction of their former price.

Whether you want a gamepad with extra reprogrammable buttons to make sure your hands never leave the thumbsticks, a wireless option that’ll work just as well on your smartphone and tablet as it does on the best gaming PC, a dedicated racing wheel and pedals, or a flight stick for the ideal simulation experience, we’ve rounded up several discounted options.

These deals come with no strings attached, but as of June 21, you’ll need a Prime subscription to take advantage of the sale extraveganza. After the two days have come and gone, though, you’ll still benefit from several perks like free next-day delivery and Amazon Prime Video streaming.

The best gaming controller deals ahead of Amazon Prime Day are:

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PC controller deals

The PowerA Fusion Pro controller works great for both PCs and the latest Xbox Series X, and takes things a step further than Microsoft’s standard Xbox pad. You can map the four programmable paddles to act as other buttons, letting you keep a hold of your thumbsticks while still carrying out other actions, such as throwing a grenade in FPS games.

It’s discounted 26% ($21), bringing the price down to $59 from $79.99. If you’re looking for a controller with programmable buttons in the UK, there’s 15% off PowerA’s Enhanced wired controller at just £29.84.

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Wireless controller deals

The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is a capable wireless pad for PC gaming. It has a low-latency 2.4GHz connection with the included USB dongle when you’re playing the best PC games, and the option to switch to Bluetooth if you want to connect to a mobile device or push the 20-hour battery life even further.

You can save 30% on the Stratus Duo, with a lower price of $41.97. If you’re wanting a cheaper wireless model in the UK, the Xbox 360-style Diswoe wireless controller has a 28% reduction, bringing the price down to £21.58.

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High-end controller deals

The Razer Raiju is a great PS4- and PC-compatible controller if you’re playing games at a competitive level, but shy away from using the best gaming keyboard and best gaming mouse. There are options for both wired and wireless connections, four remappable buttons on the rear, and a mobile app for changing sensitivity, button mapping, and vibration.

It’s currently got a $30 discount, with a lower price tag of $149, down from its $179 MSRP. You can also save a whopping £83 (55%!) on the model in the UK, bringing the price down to £67.

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Racing wheel deals

The Logitech G920 is one of the best PC steering wheels on the market, thanks to 900 degrees of rotation with accurate force feedback, a premium leather rim, solid metal paddle shifters, and a three-pedal set.

You can save 46% ($182) on the G920 right now, with a reduced price of $217.59 compared to its $399.99 MSRP. It’s also reduced 35% (£104) in the UK, setting you back £194.44 compared to £299.99.

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Flight stick deals

The Logitech Saitek Pro flight system is a great option for Microsoft Flight Simulator, comprising a full-size yoke, along with a triple-throttle quadrant, to replicate the cockpit of many big jetliners.

It’s discounted $9, bringing the price down to $168.99 from $179.99. In the UK you can also take a saving of £20, with a reduced price tag of £119.99 compared to a £139.99 MSRP.

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