The Last Of Us TV Show Casts Tommy Actor As Someone New

Tommy sitting and talking to his brother Joel as seen in a cutscene from The Last of Us on PS3.

Screenshot: Naughty Dog

HBO’s The Last of Us show is continuing to fill out its cast, and its latest pick-up is Jeffrey Pierce, an actor who appeared in the original PlayStation 3 game as Joel’s brother Tommy. But according to a new report at Deadline, he won’t be playing that character in the upcoming show.

Instead of Tommy, Pierce will play a new character named Perry, described as a “rebel in a quarantine zone.” Meanwhile, the show’s “Tommy” role was already cast back in April with actor Gabriel Luna.

Pierce isn’t the first The Last Of Us video game actor to jump over to the show. Back in May, Merle Dandridge, who played Marlene in the game, was cast as Marlene in the show. It’s a neat bit of casting that will surely be noticed by obsessive fans who tune in to watch HBO’s live-action show.

Alongside Pierce taking on the role of Perry, Deadline revealed that two more characters were cast. Frank and Bill were partners who lived together in isolation during the time before the game, and folks that played the original will know how well that all went for them. (Spoilers: Not great.)

The Last of Us show is being written and produced by Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin and Naughty Dog’s co-president Neil Druckmann, who was also a writer and producer on The Last of Us. The franchise gained further recognition last year with the release of The Last Of Us Part II. It won numerous awards, but Naughty Dog faced criticism over all the crunch that happened during development.

The Last of Us on HBO has started filming and will star Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, and will likely be out sometime in 2024. But with covid-19 still causing problems and delays in every walk of life, HBO has yet to officially give the series a specific premiere date.



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