The next generation of beloved D&D characters will be crafted live on Twitch

Wizards of the Coast interrupted its two-day programming for D&D Live last weekend to run a trailer for its latest game, Dark Alliance. Set more than 100 years into the Forgotten Realms’ past—1988, in Earth years—it’s a blast of nostalgia starring the unlikely ranger Drizzt, straight-talking archer Catti-Brie, gooey-centred dwarf Bruenor, and indefatigable barbarian Wulfgar.

For three decades, these have been D&D’s biggest personalities, starring in RA Salvatore’s bestselling novels and cropping up in countless PC games. But over the next ten years, you wouldn’t bet against the characters on either side of Wizards’ TV spot. Whether that’s Jack Black’s Barrolo, the enthusiastically-accented Italian dwarf determined to use his demonic powers for good (“He’s going to hell, but along the way he’s going to plant some flowers. Barrrrrrolo!”). Or Tiffany Haddish’s unicorn-straddling, deca-lingual high elf whose magic missiles carry a glitter payload, Tiffnicity.

Dungeons and Dragons art.

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Daft though they may seem, the next generation of beloved and enduring D&D characters will be crafted live on actual play streams like these. It’s already happening, and you can expect to see them filter slowly into videogames in the coming years.

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