The Third Story Of Seasons DLC Has A New Trailer, And Even MORE People To Marry

Iris & Raeger from Story of Seasons

Following the release of the much-awaited Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town patch 1.0.5 in Japan, which fixed issues with the maker machines, loading times, and dialogue, the Japanese arm of Marvelous has just shown off the trailer for the upcoming Terracotta Oasis DLC.

In the trailer, we can see new marriage candidates Iris and Raeger (from Story of Seasons) and the tiny town that they live in, plus the ineligible Giorgio and fashionista Marian, who also live there. The DLC, which will also come with a “School Uniforms” set of clothing, is due to come out in June.

We can’t help but notice, however, that the music is somewhat chaotic, with the basic music layered with slightly-off-kilter drums and another melody, plus it seems to sort of stop-and-start entirely towards the end of the trailer. Bit odd, eh?

The Terracotta Oasis DLC is the fourth part of five DLC packs, with the final one being the Twilight Isle expansion pack, which will add a new island and four characters from Trio of Towns some time in August.

Have you already bought the Story of Seasons Season Pass? Are you impressed with the new content? Let us know in the comments below.

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