This Biomutant mod tunes its graphics for maximum beep-boop

Furball-based RPG game Biomutant may have taken a bit of a bruising from critics when it launched last week. You can read our own Biomutant review, but forget the score for a moment because despite some aggravating design choices, there’s plenty here to love. While we wait for Experiment 101 to roll out a patch that’s supposed to fix basically everything anyone’s ever complained about, right now we have a mod that’ll correct some of the more aggressive graphics decisions in Biomutant.

Maximum Beep Boop by Xayjyn pulls out some of Biomutant’s graphics settings that you can’t alter in the game menus – it removes visual effects like chromatic aberration and the intense depth of field, reasoning that Biomutant is a game and not a movie. Similarly, it removes the smudgy temporal anti-aliasing, since “no one likes vaseline on their monitor.” Motion blur and film grain? Into the bin.

In their place, the mod adds ACES tonemapping for “far more naturalistic” colour correction, which you’ll see most dramatically on screens that support high dynamic range. The mod also enables colour correct bloom and subsurface scattering, although with most people in Biomutant being covered in luxurious fuzz, that effect won’t show up all that often.

The fade distance and level of detail settings have been maxed out, to give you high detail even at maximum draw distances, and shadow resolutions have been cranked up. Ambient occlusion kicks in at the max distance too.

If you’ve been keeping a tally, you might be wondering what impact all this will have on performance. The answer will of course depend on the GPU you’ve got whirring away in your PC case, but some commenters have reported struggling to maintain 60 fps with the mod installed.

Head over to Nexus Mods to download Maximum Bleep Bloop and find out how to install it correctly – the mod author also has some tips in the comments about .ini files to adjust if you run into crashes or other issues. As always, mod at your own risk.

If you’re just starting out and want to know the best Biomutant classes and breeds to pick, we’ve got you covered right here.

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