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“Explore freely, and roleplay in a shared game world that bucks online RPG tradition.”

The hand-painted RPG Book of Travels will release into Early Access on 9th August, 2024.

Book of Travels was originally announced back in September 2019, and came with the curious description of being a TMORPG – a tiny massive multiplayer online roleplaying game. That’s reportedly because “players per server are limited and meetings between players will be uncommon”.

Here, take a peek:

Book of Travels originally found success as a Kickstarter project – over 7000 backers contributed $300,000; that’s around £212,600 – and has been in development for four years as the studio’s “most ambitious game to date”. With immersion reportedly at the heart of the experience, players are able “to craft unique characters whose personalities will shape their in-game story and lay the foundation for their roleplay adventure”.

“With a painterly art style, players can create unique characters, explore freely, and roleplay in a shared game world that bucks online RPG tradition by making encounters with other players take place on a more intimate scale,” the video description teases.

Right now, it looks as though Book of Travels is only headed to PC and Mac via Steam. For more, head on over to the official Steam page.


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