Tom Brady And Patrick Mahomes Are Your Madden NFL 22 Cover Athletes

Every year, being named to the Madden NFL cover serves as a major honor for the player chosen. Despite the long-standing superstition that landing on the Madden cover guarantees that you’ll have a major downturn or, in some cases, an injury during that season, EA Sports and developer EA Tiburon have continued naming top players to be their Madden NFL cover athletes year after year. This year, the developer is going about it a little differently, as it’s bringing a rare two-athlete cover featuring quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

Interestingly enough, both Brady and Mahomes have been featured on the cover in recent years. Brady, the current quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, appeared on the cover of Madden NFL 18 when he was still with the New England Patriots, while Mahomes, the man under center for the Kansas City Chiefs, was the face of Madden NFL 20. Both athletes are also seemingly impervious to the “Madden Curse,” as the 2017 season saw Brady play about as well as ever, making it to the Super Bowl that year (though his Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles), while Mahomes not only made it to the Super Bowl the year he was featured on the cover, but won the championship game and took home Super Bowl MVP honors. 

With both Brady and Mahomes on the cover, Madden NFL 22 features two of the most iconic players in the NFL today, with many considering Brady to be the greatest quarterback of all time and Mahomes to be one of the best quarterbacks in recent memory. These two also happen to be the two quarterbacks who faced off earlier this year in Super Bowl LV, with Brady’s Buccaneers emerging victorious, and Brady walking away with the Super Bowl MVP award at age 43. 

Madden NFL 22 launches on August 20 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. For more on the next iteration of Madden and what it brings to the table, head to our full preview here

Are you excited for Madden NFL 22? If you were a detractor of last year’s game, are you hopeful for this year’s? What do you think about the developer bringing back two cover athletes who were on the cover in previous years? Let us know your thoughts about Madden NFL 22, the Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes cover, or anything else about the long-running football franchise in the comments below!

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