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Among Us

Developer: InnerSloth

Publisher: InnerSloth

Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy

Among Us

Among Us is hands-down one of the most popular multiplayer games for Android that you can get your hands on nowadays, and also one of the most fun. There are no two identical games, and with millions of players tuning in daily, rest assured there is nothing sus about it!

Players have to win by kicking out the impostors from the spaceship, without actually knowing who they are. It’s a game of observation, deception and bloodshed. It’s absolutely brilliant. Oh, and if you’re still new to it, you best check out our collection of Among Us tips and guides.

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Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

Genre: Card battler, RPG, Strategy

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone is pretty much the undisputed CCG champ on any platform. But beyond that it’s just a superb Android multiplayer game, inviting you to engage in a constant stream of tactical turn-based battles against real-life opponents. It’s essentially a multiplayer game, but the battles are one on one.

Just like in many other card games out there, you need to win by outsmarting your opponent and destroying their health. You will find even competitive tournaments for Hearthstone, so if this genre of game is up your alley, who knows – you might become the next big champion (if you put your mind to it).

If you’re not quite sure whether you’d be into this game or not, you should read our Hearthstone reviews. We’ve got 5 of them, so there’s plenty to look forward to.

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Clash Royale

Publisher: Supercell

Genre: Strategy

Clash Royale

Clash Royale effectively reset the rules for online multiplayer mobile games, offering deeply strategic real-time competitive matches that could be blasted through in minutes. It’s a little bit MOBA, a little but CCG, but all brilliant.

Players will brawl using their own developed strategies (mostly based on what units or cards they pulled) so it’s safe to say no two games play the same. We’ve written a Clash Royale review, so if you have no idea how the game plays out, make sure to check it out. It’s a fun game with more than enough challenge to its name – even in 2022!

Download Clash Royale


Wild Rift

Developer: Tencent

Publisher: Tencent

Genre: MOBA

League of Legends: Wild Rift

All the League of Legends fans and MOBA enthusiasts alike log in every day on this stunning mobile MOBA. There is nothing quite like a 5 versus 5 brawl in the Rift in order to conquer the enemy team’s Nexus! You can find a lot of Wild Rift content on our pages including the complete champion guides and the tier list of champions that are in meta at the moment. Note that the list is being updated with each patch release.

Furthermore, if you have a slight idea of what PC LoL brings to the table, chances are you’ll quickly fall in love with this mobile MOBA. It is as good as its PC counterpart, but with its very own set of skins and events. Oh, and did we mention the insanely massive number of active players it has?

What is there not to love, really? It’s easily one of the best multiplayer mobile games on Android at the moment.

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Developer: Super Evil Megacorp

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, MOBA


The biggest mobile MOBA of them all, Vainglory is a much trickier beast to play than Call of Champions. However, that means that it has the crucial hardcore vote, which means you won’t be short of strong online competition to play against. We’ve got a Vainglory review, so if you aren’t sure about whether or not it stood the trial of time to be on par with the more recent releases (see Wild Rift above), you should definitely check it out.

We personally feel like the graphics could do with a tad bit of work, but other than that there’s nothing to stop it from being one of the best multiplayer games for tablets and phones alike.

Download Vainglory


Dead by Daylight Mobile

Publisher: Behaviour Interactive

Genre: Action, Multiplayer

Dead by Daylight Mobile

Ah, a beautiful horror multiplayer game that is as well done and thrilling as Dead by Daylight is just a delight to feature on a best multiplayer games list. In this game, players are tasked to complete various tasks in order to escape a facility where a killer is on the loose – that killer is another player, and whenever they catch someone, they’re basically as good as dead.

It’s a terrific game that is as exciting as it is creepy. You never know where the killer might be hiding, and there’s always the element of surprise. Especially if you are new to the game. And in case you’re wondering, we do have a Dead by Daylight review. Even if it didn’t rank up too high, it doesn’t mean it cannot be hella fun!

Download Dead by Daylight


Old School RuneScape

Publisher: Jagex

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Retro, RPG

Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is a title that some will agree with, and some will be completely against it – those who like it, love it, and those who don’t, want to keep as far away from this game as possible. Although OSRS is not on par with the graphics we see nowadays on mobile, you can’t argue that once you get into it, its graphics will be the last thing on your mind!

Many will argue that this is the best MMO and one of the best multiplayer games for Android and other platforms, but that’s just a matter of opinion. You can read ours in the Old School RuneScape review. We always love a good ol’ game.

Download Old School RuneScape


Death Squared

Death Squared

Death squared is a slick 3D puzzler that’s been designed for cooperative play. One of you takes control of a blue block and the other a red block as you flip switches, block lasers and more. It’s not your typical multiplayer mobile game, but it IS a multiplayer game that will put a smile on your face and test your friendship bonds.

If you’re curious how well this game does, make sure to check out our Dead Squared review. Even if it’s on iOS you can still get a clear view of just how incredible it is. These blocky 3D critters are oh so lovely.

Download Death Squared


Clash of Clans

Developer: Supercell

Publisher: Supercell

Genre: Strategy, Tower defence

Clash of Clans

You might think of Clash of Clans as a casual city builder, but above all, it’s a great Android multiplayer game. Its well-calibrated matchmaking and battle system, and the ability to form allegiances, are all key to its enduring appeal. We love the unique approach to a tower defense base-builder multiplayer PvP action it provides.

And to help you better understand the game, you should read our Clash of Clans review. It’s as wild as it gets! This age-old game is still alive and kicking even in 2022, and we couldn’t be happier.

Download Clash of Clans


PUBG Mobile

Publisher: Tencent

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Shooter


The game that kicked off the whole Battle Royale craze comes to mobile, and it’s surprisingly faithful to the source. Whether you’re flying solo or riding shotgun with a crew of four, this is a brilliant Android multiplayer shooter. You quite literally have millions of people playing it at one time, and if it’s not in the millions, then for sure it’s hundreds of thousands (at least, it feels that way!).

It doesn’t get any more multiplayer than this, right? You should also check out our massive collection of PUBG Mobile guides to help you get better. We’ve also got some PUBG Mobile codes for limited-time rewards, which we update on a daily basis. It’s wild!

Download PUBG Mobile


Battle Bay

Battle Bay

You might have not heard of this 5v5 action game, but it’s actually a popular game among shooter fans. The team that brought your Angry Birds has come up with something rather special in Battle Bay – a finely poised 3D competitive shooter set on the high seas.

You fight against the enemy team while cruising your battleship across the wide seas. It’s a fun game that brings a new perspective to what one would associate with mobile shooters. Just read our Battle Bay review. It’s a wet and wild game that is doing exactly what it needs to do – keeping it simple and full of action.

Download Battle Bay


Antihero – Digital Board Game

Antihero - Digital Board Game

Antihero is one of the slickest, most immediately entertaining digital board games on mobile. That it can also be played with others locally or online in casual or ranked PvP is a massive bonus. That means it’s a board game that doesn’t exactly feel like one, since you don’t really need a bunch of friends only to be able to play it.

You can hop onto an online game and start taking over cities, making upgrades and doing just about everything that is required to keep you in the game. We’ve also got an Antihero review, so if you’re wondering how well it plays (or doesn’t play) you should hop in and check it out.

Honestly, though, it’s a game that looks great (has similar graphics to Don’t Starve) and it brings multiplayer games a breath of fresh air.

Download Antihero


Chess Rush

Chess Rush

Tencent’s take on Auto Chess makes the important addition of Turbo Mode, which makes the usually drawn-out tactical gameplay much better suited to mobile. Add in co-op, and you have a brilliant multiplayer offering. It’s essentially Teamfight Tactics but in slightly different packaging.

If you will, Chess Rush is to Teamfight Tactics what Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is to Wild Rift. An eerily similar game, but with a different approach when it comes to updates, events, and IAPs. By all means, it’s a great game and a multiplayer choice that will make your inner competitive nature surface. Tried and tested.

Download Chess Rush


Garena Free Fire

Developer: Garena

Publisher: Garena

Genre: Adventure, Multiplayer, Shooter

Garena Free Fire

We don’t have an Android mobile version for Fortnite (just yet), but Garena Free Fire is the closest it gets. It’s so popular that you can find players to dive into any time, any day. If you want a quick battle royale brawl at 4 AM, Garena Free Fire will be there for you.

It’s a game that you will most certainly find entertaining and full of action and regular events, so you can rest assured, add it to your mobile multiplayer games collection. Oh, and we also have a bunch of Garena Free Fire guides to help you along the way. There’s also a list of all the latest Garena Free Fire codes that we update daily, so don’t miss it!

Download Garena Free Fire


ARK: Survival Evolved

The beloved first-person survival game comes to mobile more or less intact. It’s big and extremely unforgiving, but few other mobile multiplayer games are as rewarding. First off, you have some really amazing touchscreen controls, which you may (or may not) already know we’re quite picky about when it comes to mobile survivals.

Secondly, you have the 3D graphics that only seem to get better and better the more you play. They are easy on the eye, and are gorgeous. Finally, you have the survival element which brings the game to a very well-deserved spot on our list.

Did you know we also have an ARK: Survival Evolved review? Check it out!

Download ARK: Survival Evolved


Call of Duty Mobile (2019)

Developer: Tencent

Publisher: Activision Blizzard

Genre: Shooter

Call of Duty Mobile (2019)

Few people expected a Call of Duty: Mobile to actually feel like proper Call of Duty. But that’s precisely how it turned out. This is a slick, polished, tactile multiplayer FPS that’s devilishly hard to put down. It’s amassed a massive following since its release, which only means that it’s a game that is both well-done and popular.

If you want to slowly climb your way up in this game and understand it better, you should read our collection of Call of Duty Mobile guides. We’ve pretty much covered everything there was to cover, from beginner tips to weekly codes.

Download Call of Duty Mobile



Publisher: ROBLOX

Genre: 3D


Roblox is not exactly a game, but more like a library of games of sorts. You will download the main Roblox client on your mobile, and then you’ll be free to dive into one of the thousands (if not millions) of games on the platform. All of them are multiplayer, and you can find anything, from casual games to shooters, sims, and RPGs.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you better check our collection of Roblox guides – we’ve put together some tips and codes for some of the most popular games out there, and we’re updating them regularly.

As a side note, we really enjoy Brookhaven, Murder Mystery 2, and Adopt Me – you should check them out, especially Adopt Me.

Download ROBLOX



Publisher: Crescent Moon Games

Genre: Multiplayer


There are plenty of .io games on the Google Play Store, but few are as polished or as gleefully tactile as You’ll have to guide your Viking warrior around a compact arena, lobbing axes at all the other players whilst getting steadily stronger.

It’s pretty simple at its core, but it’s super fun and the cute 3D approach only makes it that much more enjoyable. You should read our AXE.IO review if you’re curious to learn more about it! We love the fact that it doesn’t get overly complicated, and you can freely bash enemy players left and right.

Download AXE.IO


Brawl Stars

Publisher: Supercell

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Shooter

Brawl Stars

Imagine diving into a blocky world only to be met with a bunch of other players trying to shoot your head off. Doesn’t sound fun, but it actually is – it’s hella fun! You will pick your hero and weapon, and fight various 3v3 brawls in order to take the enemies out in style.

You have a multitude of play modes, and the battle royale one is not an easy one (consider yourself warned). There are bushes where players can ambush you from, weapons that you’ll literally be clueless about how they work, and a bunch of other features that make Brawl Stars a truly great addition to our list. Also, don’t miss our Brawl Stars review.

Download Brawl Stars


Game of Dice

Publisher: JoyCity

Genre: Card/board game

Game of Dice

This game is called exactly what it is – a Game of Dice. It is a game where you throw dice and battle against enemy players in 1v1 battles or more. You also have a bunch of cards that allow you to create strategies, and the best part yet – everything has an adorable anime approach.

It’s a truly fun and oddly addictive game, especially if you want something multiplayer that doesn’t scream competitive and pay-to-win (although paying to win will… win you some stuff to an extent). Game of Dice features regular updates, which bring about new characters and collectibles, so you can expect it to be filled with players who love a good competition.

Download Game of Dice



Publisher: League of Geeks

Genre: Card/board game


Armello is a board game that really comes to life in multiplayer, with a unique approach and stunningly looking graphics. The character you pilot is a nifty-looking critter that will fight its way through the forest in order to become the next king of Armello.

You are tasked to roll dice and hope to win the brawls you encounter. It’s a game where the multiplayer rounds will bring about the real competitive nature of you and your friends, and that usually means one thing – it’s a game that is done exceptionally well and is engaging. Just read our Armello review.

Download Armello


Legends of Runeterra

Genre: Card battler, Card/board game, Strategy

Legends of Runeterra

Since we’ve mentioned Hearthstone, it’s only natural that we should add Legends of Runeterra to the mix as well. This card game is basically the CCG version of League of Legends and Wild Rift, which takes place in the world of Runeterra and features the same characters – and more unknown ones.

In LoR everything looks well-polished – from the arenas, graphics and animations, to the character skills (card skills) and updates. There’s so much to love about it, and the only thing to not love as much is the learning process. Since there are so many cards and factions to learn about, it could take quite some time until you can have a proper game – however, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s an incredible multiplayer game that is definitely worth checking out.

Download Legends of Runeterra


Car Parking Multiplayer

Genre: Multiplayer, Racing, Simulation

Car Parking Multiplayer

A multiplayer sim for the car passionates will let you take your ride for a drive around the city and customise it to your liking. Car Parking Multiplayer is pretty simple as a concept but brings quite a lot in terms of experience when playing it. If you’re new to the car world, you should read our Car Parking Multiplayer tips to help you get started.

Once you’re a tad more advanced, we’ve shared our insight on the Car Parking Multiplayer hacks – they are surely going to make you think about using them twice.

Download Car Parking Multiplayer


Mario Kart Tour

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Racing

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is one of the best multiplayer series ever. And while Mario Kart Tour isn’t the best version by a long shot, it’s remarkable how much makes its way through to your thumb. It’s your typical racing game but on mobile, where you can take part in limited events that are constantly running in the game, and face opponents in intense car races.

We’ve also put together a Mario Kart Tour review, so if you are curious to learn what we loved about this game, make sure to check it out. Side note – we’ve also shared what did not impress us as much, so you might be interested in that too.

Download Mario Kart Tour


Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Developer: Mojang

Publisher: Mojang

Genre: Adventure, Brain training

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

You can play Minecraft in single player, of course. But the spirit of the game lies very much in freeform creative collaboration, as you join your fellow players in building something wonderful (and blocky). This popular game has as much appeal on mobile as it does on PC or other consoles, so there’s really nothing to make us say ‘no’ to its addition here.

If you haven’t tried Minecraft yet, you better read our Minecraft review – that, and have you been living under a rock? Minecraft is literally everywhere, and there’s so much to love (and sometimes hate) about this blocky bonanza. From new locations and maps to explore, to Easter Eggs and much much more. It’s brilliant.

Download Minecraft


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Publisher: shanghai moonton Technology Co Ltd

Genre: Action, MOBA

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

If you like PvP-heavy games, then Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is another great title to add to your list. This MOBA has millions of players worldwide, similar to Wild Rift, and the best part? There are plenty of events and minigames within the actual game, so you can choose exactly what you want to play!

At the moment it is one of the most popular multiplayer games for Android phones and tablets that doesn’t seem it could drop anytime soon. Even with other MOBAs appearing every now and then, it stays firmly at the top, having a true competition in only a few other titles. We’ve got a collection of /”>Mobile Legends: Bang Bang guides to help you out, so make sure to check it out!

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Teamfight Tactics

Publisher: Riot Games

Genre: Strategy

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is an auto-chess type of game that will test your strategic thinking (and luck, if you may). With more than just a few possible combinations, you’ll have to deploy units in order to become the last (Little) Legend standing! You think you’ve got what it takes?

Well, you better get to it, because there are just about 40 to 50 team traits and origins that you need to learn, and it doesn’t get any easier with the passage of time. Roughly each 3 months the current season gets reset, and you’re left to learn everything all over again. It basically never gets boring, and there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to. Oh, and it has regular tournaments if you manage to rank among the top players in your region! So, check our Teamfight Tactics guides and start ranking up!

Download Teamfight Tactics


EVE Echoes

Developer: NetEase Games

Publisher: NetEase Games

Genre: Multiplayer, RPG

EVE Echoes

EVE was, is, and will probably continue being one of the most amazing MMORPG set in outer space. EVE Echoes takes that entire experience on mobile devices, and it couldn’t be better. You can build, farm, and destroy other players’ ships or become the most well-renowned trader in the entire galaxy.

We are closing up the list of best multiplayer games for Android with Eve Echoes. Hopefully, you found a game or two to play with your friends or random online folks!

Download EVE Echoes

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