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Raw Fury has announced that Townscaper, the relaxing town-building title from Oskar Stålberg, is coming to both iOS and Android devices this October. Players will be able to build towns in this low-key, totally chill game, and create a miniature world of their own style with every block.

Townscaper features a charming city-building experience that has this toy-like vibe throughout the gameplay, letting players create their fantasy-like worlds using their preferred colour palettes. The Minecraft-esque atmosphere is mainly due to the fact that there’s no real, definitive goal or gameplay here – it’s all a matter of building whatever you like, limited only by your imagination.


To hype up the game before its official launch on mobile, a new community trailer has been released, showcasing all the wonders that you can create with this innovative title. You can stack structures on top of structures or simply marvel at your floating city without a care in the world. You can create a sprawling metropolis or vast castle-ridden landscapes, or maybe even build a town on stilts, because why the heck not?

If you’re curious to see just how innovative you can be with this game, you can take a peek at the embedded community trailer above. The YouTube clip showcases different creations from players all over the world, but in the meantime, you can also have a go at Townscaper on Steam or on the Nintendo Switch.

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