Treehouse Stream showcases Mario Party Superstars newest features

The Nintendo Treehouse team has showcased some of the newest features for the latest Mario Party title coming to the Nintendo Switch this October, Mario Party Superstars. In the 20-minute segment, the team displayed both their skill and luck across two fan-favourite boards from the N64 collection of games – Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Land.

As the first on show, Peach’s Birthday Cake offers a unique twist on the traditional form of play since the star stays in a central location for the entirety of the board. With Peach, Rosalina, Birdo and Luigi in play, the team take on several minigames from an array of Mario Party games, including Messy Memory, Hammer Drop and Boulder Ball. One of the newest features here, albeit small, is that you can choose to ‘react’ to your fellow players by posting stamps while playing. Of course, there are also returning features too, including hidden blocks, event spaces, the golden pipe and the ‘chance time’ space.

With the team moving swiftly onto the next board – Space Land – players can now choose to save progress mid-game for a quick break during heated play, a nifty feature nonetheless. Unlike Peach’s Birthday Cake, Space Land is much more diverse in terms of gameplay and anything can change. Between stand-offs, speed traps and locked areas, players who enjoyed this board back in the day will once again be in their element.

During the stream, we saw lots of mini-games from Mario Party 3 returning, including River Raiders, Tick Tock Hop and Vine with Me. We also saw Shy Guy Says from the original Mario Party and Bowser’s Big Blast from Mario Party 2. And, as per usual in Mario Party, everything can change within the final turn. Here are a couple of extra things we picked up on during the stream:

– All mini-games are playable on the controller buttons
– Strategy will be fluid depending on which board you play
– You can change the number of turns you play for each board before you begin
– In the upper-right corner of the minigame, it will show the title it was originally from
– Rumble control is included
– Online play is included
– 100 minigames from the catalogue

Mario Party Superstars will release for the Nintendo Switch on October 29th.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

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