TWEWY Anime and NEO TWEWY Soundtrack CDs Arrive in November

The The World Ends with You: the Animation anime soundtrack and NEO TWEWY game soundtrack have North American release dates. Square Enix announced both will appear sometime in November 2022. In the case of NEO TWEWY, this is the second time around for it. Its original run appeared on August 4, 2022 and sold out. It also opened pre-orders for the CDs.

The TWEWY anime soundtrack will cost $29.99. There are 54 songs total on it. And, like the original TWEWY game, Takeharu Ishimoto is the composer. The product listing noted that “Calling –Animation OP ver.-,” “Twister –Animation OP ver.-,“ and “Carpe Diem -TV size-“ will all appear. (As a reminder, the show’s opening theme was changed.) In Japan, this album appeared in June 2022.

The NEO TWEWY soundtrack will be slightly more expensive. Square Enix listed its price as $39.99. However, it does consist of three CDs and 51 tracks.

For those who don’t need physical copies, there are other ways to listen. All 51 of the NEO TWEWY songs are streaming on Spotify. So is the 53 track version of the TWEWY: The Animation album.

The World Ends with You anime soundtrack and NEO TWEWY soundtrack will both ship in November 2022. NEO TWEWY is available on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 now and will eventually come to PCs. TWEWY: The Animation is available on Funimation.


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