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The unique interactive tale Unmaze is out now for both iOS and Android devices, letting players experience the classic Greek mythology of the Minotaur in a different light. ARTE, in partnership with Upian and Hiver Prod, has created a visual novel-slash-puzzle hybrid that uses your mobile device’s light sensor to get through the game.

Unmaze takes interactivity to a whole new level as you help two lost boys find the way out. The narrative video game puts you in the shoes of Ariadne, and you’ll have to guide both Theseus and Asterion out of the labyrinth using a mysterious crystal. Given that you have an overview of the labyrinth’s map, you can talk both characters through the maze as well as help them make crucial choices that determine their fate.

Playing the game in the dark helps you interact with Asterion, while doing so in the light assists Theseus. Here’s the catch, however – helping one character means neglecting the other, and if you fail to balance out your choices, you’ll leave one of them to succumb to the darkness and turn into a monster.

“For Asterion and Theseus, the encounter with the Minotaur becomes an initiation test,” says game designer Nicolas Pelloille-Oudart, “and it is the player’s choices that will determine their fate: who will be the monster, who will become the hero?”

Unmaze features six thrilling chapters and eight alternative endings based on your choices, with hypnotic environments all drawn in a stunning art style. The first chapter is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play for free. Unlocking the whole contemporary adaptation of the myth will have a price tag of $3.99.

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