Warzone Players Found A Door That Instantly Kills Anyone Who Touches It

Last week, the new update for Call of Duty Warzone launched. It was the start of Season 4, bringing new content to the popular battle royale shooter. It also seems to have added a killer door that will instantly end the life of anyone who gets too close.

The dangerous door in question can be found in a salt mining facility, in a large building. At first glance, the door looks boring and safe. But if you get too close to it the door will drop your ass faster than a sniper rifle.

Players are sharing video clips of this deadly door. Most players theorize this is a bug, which seems like a logical explanation to me. Others have also suggested that this bug and the deadly door might be connected to the red doors that have begun popping up in Warzone since the last major update.

These red doors act as a sort of fast travel system, letting players get around the large Warzone map a bit quicker. What makes things tricky is these doors don’t always spawn in the same location and can lead to various pots, making it hard to predict what will happen once you go through. However, none of these red doors are supposed to kill you the moment you touch them.

So maybe this is supposed to be a red door spawn, but something has gone horribly wrong behind the scenes, somewhere deep in the code of Warzone. That wouldn’t surprise me. After all, Call of Duty Warzone is a huge game.

Earlier this year, Call of Duty Warzone players were using overpowered trucks to kill multiple players and win matches. This led to a cargo truck meta for some time. Now a boring door is killing people the moment they touch it.

And here I thought Warzone was a game about dodging bullets and using guns, not dodging killer doors and trucks.

(H/T: ComicBook.com)

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