Warzone Update Removes Armored Cargo Trucks Because They Make Players Invisible

Warzone Season 3

The update train for Call of Duty: Warzone never stops, but that’s not always because new things are being added. Sometimes, as with all online games, things have to be removed so they can be fixed. That’s the case in the newest patch Raven Software released for the game, which removed armored cargo trucks from the game because they made players invisible.

The trucks were originally introduced for the limited time Armored Royale mode, but were added to Warzone’s regular modes this week with the launch of Season 4. Unfortunately, reintroducing the trucks meant reintroducing the bug, which never appears to have been properly fixed.

“We have pushed an update in #Warzone to remove the Armored Cargo Truck due to an ongoing issue with players becoming invisible,” Raven said on Twitter. “Armored Cargo Trucks have been removed to avoid this issue as we continue to investigate a permanent fix.” Raven previously removed the Armored Royale mode froom the game in order to fix the bug, but it clearly didn’t stick.

In addition, Raven is also looking into a bug which can result in crashes when using certain QBZ blueprints. In the meantime, the developer advised players to avoid the Fresh Powder, Smoke Valley, Soul Survivor, Death Metal, and Cross Check blueprints.

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