When will A Quiet Place Part II start streaming?

A Quiet Place Part II is only at the beginning of what seems to be a very successful box-office run, and while John Krasinski’s horror movie sequel is only in theaters, streaming deals and pressure from the likes of Netflix and HBO Max will keep the window to streaming shorter than ever. The movie is expected to release on Paramount Plus sometime around July 12.

Thanks to Paramount’s new theatrical windowing agreement, A Quiet Place Part II is set to hit the studio’s streaming service a mere 45 days after its initial release in theaters. This condensed window of theatrical exclusivity is something many studios are experimenting with in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which prompted theaters to renegotiate their windowing agreements to a shorter period that’s a little more favorable to studios.

While most studios made similar choices to Paramount, shortening their windows from the previous standard of around 90 days, some studios like Warner Bros. decided to eliminate the window entirely and release movies directly onto its HBO Max streaming service — at least for 2024.

While Paramount isn’t doing anything that radical with movies like A Quiet Place Part II, even the shorter window is a decision that hasn’t sat well with everyone. According to a report from Bloomberg, the decision prompted a disagreement between Paramount and John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, the director-star power couple at the center of A Quiet Place Part II.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Paramount has sold several movies to Netflix in the past, it’s unlikely that A Quiet Place Part II will arrive on any streaming services other than Paramount Plus in the near future. But the good news is you’ll likely be able to enjoy it there sometime in July.

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