Where To Find GTA Online’s Terminator Easter Egg

A close-up screenshot of an NPC that looks like the Terminator using a shotgun in GTA Online.

Los Santos Tuners, the latest Grand Theft Auto Online update, was released earlier this week and it added a bunch of new cars and races into the game. But the update isn’t just about cool cars, fast races and car meets. The new update also added some fun Easter eggs, including a very strong NPC who looks a lot like a certain killer robot from a popular action movie…

..TERMINATOR. The movie is Terminator. Sorry. I just had to say it. Besides, it was already in the headline.

As seen in a recent video from GTA Series Videos, during one of the new missions added with the Tuners update, you have the chance to encounter a film set. There you’ll spot a man dressed in leather, carrying a shotgun, and wearing sunglasses. Try to kill this NPC and you’ll discover that he takes a lot more damage than a normal human NPC. Not only that, but he sometimes goes down and gets back up. He isn’t completely invincible, you can eventually kill him, but it’s going to take more bullets than usual.

Sometimes this film set is found in the Los Santos Storm Drain, which is based on the LA River found in Los Angeles. And do you know what movie filmed a famous action scene there? (Spoilers: It was Terminator 2.)

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time Rockstar has included some Terminator references in GTA Online. A popular adversary mode set in the LS Storm Drain has players on bikes trying to escape a player driving a large semi-truck and it is clearly a nod to that famous T2 chase scene.

Other Easter eggs spotted by GTA Series Videos include a literal secret egg, which is the famous alien egg that has appeared in GTA Online a few times before. You can also spot some of the weird cyborg clones that first appeared in the Doomsday Heist update. And, because this is an update about cars, it only makes sense that you’ll spot some famous automobile look-a-likes occasionally hanging out at the new car meet location.


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