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They are strong, they are fearless, but most importantly, they are unique. These are the Wild Rift champions, the characters that you can choose to play as, in the popular mobile MOBA.

Players will form a 5-man team in order to take down the enemy Nexus, and champion formation is an important part of the game. Some games can be much easier than others thanks to the great synergy between each of them, while others will require some more work on the players’ part in order to be efficient.

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As you may already know (if you are familiar with League of Legends), there are millions of players, but just over 60 champions currently released in the game. However, that will change over time, so if you’re still waiting for your “main” to come to mobile, you can expect them sometime in the future. But if you are new to the game, then make sure to find the champion for you! Discovering the best champion for your playstyle is the key to enjoying Wild Rift to its utmost extent, so don’t hesitate to give them all a shot!

Choose between 60+ Wild Rift champions with unique abilities

Each Wild Rift champion comes with their own set of abilities that perfectly encompasses their character, background, and the history behind them. For example, Freljord champions usually feature hard crowd control, disruption and playmaking abilities, while Demacians usually focus on Physical Damage, tanking, and have nothing to do with magic.

The short description and default background of each champion should give you an idea of the region they come from, while their role will fill you in on the type of champion they are. From Marksmen to Fighters and Enchanters to Juggernauts, the champions will be assigned to a lane, where the player will have to juggle with their abilities in order to win the lane and then the game itself! Maybe you are new to the game and you don’t know which champions in Wild Rift are free to get through leveling?

Combo the champions’ ultimates

Team fights play an important role in the game, so choosing the right champions for a powerful team is also key. Players should always seek to pick champions whose ultimates have a great synergy, such as Amumu and Nami or Malphite and Yasuo. You’ll probably hear more about synergies, but Yasuo and Malphite are second to none in the ranked queue. However, you’ll never know until you try, so use this list to learn more about each champion and how you can dominate the Rift!

If you want to know which champions are currently doing well in solo queue, then make sure you check out the Wild Rift tier list.

Above you’ll discover a complete list of all the champions that have been released in League of Legends: Wild Rift, as well as a guide to each and every one of them. From general tips on how to play, to item and rune builds, you will find everything that you need to know about the specific champion.

Each of the champions in this list will fall under one or two categories, so if you’re interested in a specific class, you can filter the list to tailor all your needs.

Find the champions you’re looking for below: 

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