Windows Developers Won’t Be Required To Pay Microsoft A Cut Of Profits Unless They’re Making Games

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Following yesterday’s Windows 11 reveal event, Microsoft has now confirmed that developers can keep the entirety of all revenue generated from the Microsoft Store with a glaring exception of games. Speaking with The Verge, Microsoft confirmed that developers can keep all of the revenue generated through its app store and in-app purchases which can be completed either through the app itself or through the Microsoft store.

It’s not entirely clear as to why Microsoft makes such a distinction between apps and games on its platform – but these new policies would certainly be influential in driving more developers to put their apps on the platform. Earlier this year, they also confirmed that, following in the footsteps of the Epic Games Store, they’ll be decreasing their revenue cut on the Windows Store to 12% from the industry-standard 30%. Forgoing any and all revenue share from in-app purchases is in stark contrast to Apple’s policies with its iOS platform. Revenue cut is something that Epic Games and Valve have been competing on the basis of for some time now.

Xbox has already revealed that the company hasn’t yet made any profits from selling console hardware, so it makes sense that the Redmond-based giant would resort to such measures from a business standpoint.

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