5 Games that Stole the Show During Summer Game Fest 2023

E3 has officially kicked off, and the Summer Game Fest livestream showed off plenty of exciting upcoming games to look forward to. Here are our absolute favorite ones from the show.

Elden Ring

Games That Stole the Show During Summer Game Fest

Probably the biggest game we saw during the Summer Game Fest livestream, it’s extremely exciting to finally see gameplay footage of the much-awaited Elden Ring and know that, yes, it is indeed a very real video game that you can play.

Created as a collaborative project between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, Elden Ring looks… pretty much just like Dark Souls. Still though, the trailer was incredibly focused on the lore and world, which isn’t always the case with your typical Souls trailers. Considering that Miyazaki sees storytelling as one of his weaknesses as a game director, it’s exciting to see how Martin will contribute in that regard.

Gameplay-wise, Elden Ring looks sleek, and it features big, grotesque, high fantasy bosses that wouldn’t look out of place in your average Souls game.


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