7 Horizons Aims To Bring ‘Rayman Meets Mega Man’ To Switch This Year

7H Art© RedDeerGames

RedDeerGames is a name that’s popping up more and more, with the charming Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia being a recent release on Switch eShop. The publisher / developer has now outlined its next title that’s heading to Switch (along with PC / Xbox) later this year – 7 Horizons.

Its big pitch is that gameplay will be ‘Rayman meets Mega Man’, which is rather bold, but the teaser footage does at least give a solid first impression. A platformer with some run ‘n gun sensibilities, you play as the shapeshifting Jelly, and also apparently as a range of their friends, each with different abilities. The initial footage doesn’t show much, but apparently the final game will have a number of different worlds (seven seems like a logical guess) and various enemy / boss types.

Take a look below.

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