Abandoned, the game that may be Silent Hills, is coming to PC

Fans hoping for a Silent Hills reboot have been lead down a rabbit-hole over conspiracy theories for Blue Box Game Studios and its PS5 exclusive game Abandoned in the last week – and the developer has now confirmed that there will be an Abandoned PC release too, dragging PC fans into the mess.

P.T. was one of the best ghost games around, but it was only a demo for a Hideo Kojima-led game called Silent Hills, a new entry in the beloved horror series. That was cancelled, but the craziness over this game Abandoned started in April when the first teaser was revealed, showing a mysterious first-person horror game set in the woods – while P.T. was set in a house, the image to promote P.T. was also similar woods.

You can read all the details on the Abandoned conspiracy here. Hideo Kojima is well-known for pulling stunts like this, and it is entirely possible that Blue Box Game Studios – why “studios” for a supposedly small developer? – is actually one of Kojima’s operations and Abandoned is actually a rebooted Silent Hills, or something similar.

This would certainly match with the rumors from earlier this year that Konami had partnered with a prominent Japanese developer to bring back Silent Hills, with a reveal this summer. We’re now in summer and the gameplay reveal of Abandoned is this Tuesday, June 22.

Until Tuesday, it’s all one big conspiracy theory – despite the only developer listed on the project being Hasan Kahraman, who has the same initials as Hideo Kojima and whose surname being what “Hideo” translates to in Turkish via Google Translate. Even on the off-chance that Abandoned isn’t Silent Hills, it’s still a big PS5 exclusive horror that’s now coming to PC too, and that’s always good news.

Seriously, what is this game? What is this studio? We need to know.

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