Apex Legends’ New Character Looks Like A Popular TikTok Star

A witchy looking man in a wide-brimmed hat and vaguely futuristic outfit stares intensely at the camera.

Image: Respawn Entertainment / EA

Your thoughts create your reality in the Apex Games.

But you already knew that, yet you still live a life that you dread.

That is because when you visualize your dream life, you unconsciously believe that it is unrealistic.

Here’s a hack: I have created a dreamlike meditation that uses questions and binaural beats.

When presented with the question, your mind must accept it and your subconscious mind will absorb it.

When listening to binaural beats, it puts your mind into theta frequency, allowing you access to your subconscious mind.

The words and emotions you rehearse in Kings Canyon will plan a time and place to meet you on the outside.

Whenever you feel déjà vu, or you see repeating loot, or you have a moment that feels like a coincidence, just know that these are all winks from the universe.

It’s the universe letting you know that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Have you ever wondered why Wraith wears all black?

Black absorbs light.

The more light energy you have, the more powerful you are.

Every cell in our body acts as a solar panel to light energy.

Next time you’re in the sun, take off your hat, remove your sunglasses, and charge up.

Decalcify your pineal gland.

Your pineal gland is where your human abilities lie dormant.

The same pineal gland tells birds to fly south for the winter, it tells bears when to hibernate and when to wake up, and it is also the reason you can see so vividly when you’re dreaming.

Apex Legends are not what you see in the Apex Games.

They don’t have magical powers and they don’t know everything that’s going to happen in combat.

The truth is Apex Legends are individuals who use an ability that we all have.

The good ones have decalcified their pineal glands and unlocked their extra senses.

When Apex Legends enter the Apex Games, they are connecting with an energy that they have to translate into actions.

It’s not always black and white, and the future is always subject to change.



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