ARK Genesis 2 | How to tame Shadowmanes

By Rebecca Jones
11 June 2024 17:03 GMT

Shadowmanes are a new type of creature introduced in the Genesis: Part 2, the final piece of DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved.

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Not only are these majestic dinosaurs rad as hell to look at, but when tamed they’re incredibly useful as transport and when taking on offensive roles in combat.

How to tame a Shadowmane in ARK Genesis 2

There is a unique, non-violent method you need to use when taming Shadowmanes.

The main item you need in order to bring a Shadowmane on-side is simply a Fish Basket containing any fish weighing 0.5 or more, equipped to the last slot of your hotbar. Ideally you’ll have several of this item, as taming will take a few repetitions.

(Optional extras include a set of Ghillie Armour to lower the Shadowmane’s chances of detecting you, and some Bug Repellant to prevent insects from interfering with your attempt. But the only thing you need is the Fish Basket.)

Despite the friendly nature of your approach, Shadowmanes are aggressive creatures, so it’s important to approach in the middle of the day, when the creature is asleep.

Approach from the side or rear and, if you do wake it up by accident, just run away and try again once it’s settled down. It’s also recommended approaching a lone Shadowmane, as once aggroed they will wake up any members of their pack who are nearby.

Feeding the sleeping Shadowmane — yes, it should be able to eat in its sleep — will cause it to become invisible and wander off elsewhere. Track it with the Taming tracker but be sure to hang back, as you don’t want to be within aggroing distance when it breaks stealth and finds a new spot to settle down in.

Waking a sleeping Shadowmane without successfully feeding it will cause all taming progress to reset. However, being attacked by the Shadowmane when it’s already awake won’t reset your progress.

For more on taming new creatures in ARK Genesis 2, check out our guide to finding Mutagel and using it to tame Tek Stryders.

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