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Include Enough Mobility for Your Mech

Astracraft tips

When starting out in Astracraft, the building process can seem a little confusing. However, once you realize how much control you have over how your mech is built, you’ll soon understand that you can really get creative. One critical thing is to make sure you add enough options for movement.

This, of course, includes legs. And when you place them, make sure to include at least four of them for smoother movements. Another thing you can add, are some larger legs that allow you to jump in the air during gameplay. This is a must.

Sure, you can go on without it, but the ability to jump allows you to perform some solid dodges. You can still be hit by the opponent, but at least you’ll another option to avoid shots aside from just running away. Mobility is highly critical, and Astracraft really does a great job of allowing you to set things up the way you want.

Select a Machine Gun for Your Mech

Putting together your mech the way you want to in Astracraft is a huge part of the fun. And it’s always extra fun when it’s time to put on the weaponry. You can choose from different types of guns and can unlock some more as you play.

If you want to get creative with placement, you can put two different guns in a couple of different spots. But the key weapon to have is a good machine gun. There are other guns that have short recharging times and such, but if you have a gun with some good burst, then that can be very useful.

You can definitely have some of those other, powerful weapons with the slow recharge on there too as we mentioned, so no gun has to feel left out. Get creative, and mix and match your weapons. You can always create another build to tweak this and test different setups.

Don’t Be Afraid to Retreat

No, we don’t mean to run off and wave the white flag. But, in Astracraft, you will have the chance to repair your mech during combat. If you’re feeling like you’re in serious danger, it’s a good idea to retreat from enemy fire and try and repair yourself.

You have a short cool-off period before you can do so, so just keep that in mind. Once the button is available, hit that thing, and you’ll be back in tip-top shape in no time. If your legs are shot off, then you’ll have to blast back at your opponent and hope that you’ll have time to repair before being destroyed.

If you have a couple of good weapons on you, then you should be able to deal some nice damage to them out there too. Sound like a fair deal, right? But, if your legs are still intact, definitely don’t be afraid to back away and find some safety. No need to be a hero (I mean, you can, but at your own risk).

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