Best Renegade Moments In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Sometimes it’s good to be bad. While not all Renegade options in Mass Effect and the Legendary Edition are super hardcore, there are some triggers that you just can’t help to pull. From punching the reporter to Spartan-style kicking a merc out of a skyscraper window, there are some Renegade choices that we love to choose. So, without further ado, here are our best Renegade moments in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. 

Best Renegade Moments In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

First things first, what does Renegade mean? Going Renegade (indicated by red or bottom choices on the dialogue wheel) is for players that love to be ruthless. In Mass Effect 2, this option is my favorite. Punch anyone you want, throw bad guys out the window, threatening those that stand in your way. This type of Shepard does whatever needs to be done to get the mission accomplished; a real “the ends justify the means” type of character. In Mass Effect 3, however, those renegade options become something more ruthless than many players may have expected. Characters that paragon-Shepard becomes close to suddenly don’t like the thought of being a part of their crew. It’s a very different experience, especially if you commit to the renegade options 100%. If you dedicate yourself to this path, be prepared: some of the renegade choices in Mass Effect 3 are rough. But others? Others are so satisfying. 

Warning: There are spoilers in this article to be able to talk about each scene. They are as stripped as possible, but spoilers are ahead.

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