Biomutant Patch 1.5 Increases Level Cap, Improves Loot Generation and Adds Modifiers to New Game+


To say that Experiment 101’s Biomutant wasn’t a super-compelling experience at launch would be an understatement. Nevertheless, it’s been receiving updates which add new features and fixes. The latest is update 1.5 which adds a new field of view type to allow for changing between horizontal and vertical FOV.

Those who want to earn even more stat points and upgrades can also take note – the level cap has been increased from 50 to 100. This should help in New Game+ which now receives different modifiers to make the experience tougher (with each new loop adding new ones). Loot generation has seen the most changes though with more “superb” loot variations and higher tier relic and legendary weapon parts that will start dropping at level 50.

A scrap function has also been added in case you want to get rid of certain items. Various other aspects have been tweaked like Saw Blades having higher velocity, increased damage for tribe weapons in later parts and so on. Check out the full patch notes here for more details.

Patch 1.5 Notes

PC Specific

  • Added “Field of View Type” setting for selecting between horizontal and vertical Field of View. Vertical Field of View is useful when using a wider monitor to get the correct aspect ratio. By default, the Field of View is set to be horizontal.
  • Fixed crash when temporarily losing contact with the GPU.

PlayStation 4 Specific

  • Fixed some menus not working correctly when Enter and Back buttons are swapped.


  • Increased level cap from 50 to 100.

Items & Loot

In order to improve the looting experience, we’ve tweaked how the loot generation works to reduce duplicate items and improve variety. We have also added several new items which have higher stats than their lower rarity counterparts. This means that an item found with a certain rarity can also be found later with a higher rarity and substantially improved stats.

And to top it off, we have also added a much-requested scrap action to the loot screen, which should reduce time spent cleaning up the inventory.

  • Added more superb loot variations.
  • Added higher tier relic and legendary weapon parts that will start dropping at level 50.
  • Updated loot generation to provide more variation and less duplicate items.
  • Added scrap action to loot screen.
  • Added settings for hiding or showing head items.
  • Increased damage of later tribe weapons to better fit player level and gear.
  • Removed add-on slots from special gear that can’t be scrapped, lost or crafted with.
  • Fixed issue which allowed an unlimited material supply to be gained from crafting.
  • Fixed Missile Cloud to correctly fire on every fourth shot during Rapid Shot in Super Wushu.
  • Updated Saw Blades to have a lower spread, higher velocity and correct pierce through enemy behavior.
  • Fixed Pichu Nanchuk being hidden in inspect mode.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to equip another one-handed weapon when the Pichu Nanchuk was already equipped.
  • Fixed issue which caused Valve add-on to have higher stats than intended.
  • Reduced resistance values for Ancient Pants to make other gear more viable.
  • Fixed favorite consumables quick menu being scrambled when there are no free slots available.
  • Fixed Automaton Health Injector cooldown being reset when using Automaton Boost resulting in Automaton Health Injector only being refilled after resting.

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