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In this Brawl Star’s character guide, we will take a look at the popular Legendary Brawler, Leon. Our Brawl Stars Leon guide includes insights into his skills, builds, gameplay and lots more. So, while reading this, here’s what you can expect to find information on

  • About Leon
  • Types of Attacks
  • Best Gadgets and Powers
  • Tips and Tricks for Leon

Leon is the spinner blade master of Brawl Stars. He deals massive damage on the enemy at the cost of being incredibly squishy. Playing him might seem very interesting but players need to focus on their positioning and remain aware of their surroundings at all times. Leon is all about spamming skills and inflicting damage on the enemy while confusing them. Yes, his abilities and skillsets allow him to baffle the enemy.

In Brawl Stars, Leon shines when your team has someone to peel for him. Due to his low base HP and inability to flee from the clash, make sure you play him as a backline damage dealer. Additionally, he can also gank safely if the enemies are low on HP, as he can invade the enemy region in his invisible form.

Brawl Stars Leon Skills and Attacks

Normal Attack – Spinner Blades

As it is clear from the introduction, Leon is a long-range damage dealer. He tosses 4 blades that move towards the target in a spinning motion. The closer the target, the higher the damage. He must be played stealthily in order to dominate the battlefield since Spinner Blades lose their damage when targeted towards a long-distance enemy.

Super Skill – Smoke Bomb

Until now we have only mentioned the invisibility of Leon. Well, Smoke Bomb is the skill that allows him to go invisible for a limited period of time. The invisibility works when he’s away from the enemy by 4 tiles. Any number smaller than 4 will make him visible. Apart from that, his invisibility is affected if he uses any of his skills. Additionally, the cooldown of the skill depends upon the amount of damage dealt.

Brawls Stars Leon guide

Leon’s Gadgets and Star Powers

Gadget – Clone Projector

  • When Leon activates the Clone Projector, it immediately generates a clone and moves along with him, until it spots an enemy. After doing so, it rushes towards it but doesn’t deal damage. Instead, it is used to confuse the enemy and force them to flee from a potentially dangerous situation.

Star Powers – Smoke Trails and Invisiheal

  • Smoke Trails – As he belongs to the Stealthy Assassin class, Smoke Trails is an important Star Power for him. It grants a 30% extra boost to his movement speed and can only be triggered if he is invisible.
  • Invisiheal – When Leon enters the invisibility mode, he gains 1000 health points every second the invisibility lasts. The healing effect can’t be interrupted, even if he takes damage, his HP will continue to rise.

Useful Tips for Leon

  • Use the clone to provide vision for your team as the clone runs towards the enemy even if they are hiding inside the bush.
  • The Clone Projector helps Leon gain a shield, make sure to utilise it when you are being ganked.
  • The Star Powers can be used to heal even without engaging with the enemy.
  • Make sure to save your ammunition and keep your weapons reloaded at all times. Due to his low HP and slow reload speed, Leon players often face this problem.
  • As an Assassin, you have to take the risk for better rewards. Stay closer to the enemy as the damage from the Sweeping Blades is increased when the range is low.
  • Roaming is the key to quick and easy kills. Spam your clones to gain vision and look to attack low HP Brawlers on the enemy team.

We hope you’ll find our Leon Guide useful! Follow us in the upcoming days and weeks as we’ll cover more Brawl Stars characters and their respectful guides.

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