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Well, it’s official! Two Point Campus is coming to PS4 & PS5 in 2024! The sequel to the beloved Two Point Hospital, Campus will task you with running your very own academic institution. But not your average academic institution – you see, this one has a Two Point twist!

Build your university your way in Two Point Campus, coming to PS4 and PS5

Gone are the stuffy subjects you remember from school, and in are extraordinary new courses like Knight School (ride horses!) and Gastronomy (bake giant pizzas!) – just a couple of the more grounded examples. You can be sure to expect a very non-traditional learning environment!

In Campus, you’ll be in charge of the whole shebang: able to build your own buildings (from frat houses to dormitories, from libraries to jousting arenas), customize the whole of your outdoor space with trees, pathways, picket fences and all kinds of other decorations. 

We’re making the creative tools powerful and easy to use. So whether you’re a maestro or a beginner, you’ll find ways to create a campus that’s beautiful. Or if you’re a functional manager, you’ll be able to place buildings in seconds and worry about making it pretty later (or never, it’s up to you!)

You’ll also be responsible for making sure your students have the times of their lives – getting everything they need from the academic side of life, but also making sure they remember the fun times. Build student unions, set up gigs and events. But don’t forget, too much partying and those grades might start to drop… (this definitely didn’t happen to the author). 

So will you build the ultimate party campus? Or will your students spend all their days in the library? Will your students form lasting relationships? Or will true chaos ensue? In Two Point Campus, you’re the boss!

We can’t wait to bring the game to players in 2024 – stay tuned for more information in the coming months.


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