Are Casino Games Becoming More Like Video Games?


Let’s be honest: there is an issue with gatekeeping in the world of video games, and it’s not a new thing. While it may not always be well understood by those outside the gaming world, and its extent and intensity may occasionally be exaggerated, there is a tendency to only want to characterise something as “gaming” if it fits within certain parameters. So there will certainly be those out there who hear modern analysis of casino games such as those found on and become frustrated by it. When people talk about graphics and gameplay on a casino slot, it’s enough to make some people very irate.

So let’s get one thing straight. Casino games will never be like standard video games in a meaningful sense. You can base a casino slot on a popular video game. You can introduce casino games into classic video games as a side mission or minigame. The boundaries have been blurred enough that Twitch has seen fit to ban casino gaming streams. But when people talk about casino games becoming more advanced and more fun to play, they’re not saying that modern casino slots are like Elden Ring or even Animal Crossing. That distinction notwithstanding, is it true to say that casino games are becoming more like video games?

Gamification is changing casino games


If you compare a modern casino slot to the classic machines, there is an obvious line of progress between the two, but the differences are stark. Slots really did use to be about pressing a button or pulling a lever, and watching three reels spin. Modern versions of the theme are hugely different. The online version may be based on the same concept, but new slots games are far removed from that basic gameplay. There are side missions to be unlocked, levels to be passed through, and strategy to be considered in a way that owes a lot to video gaming.

The biggest slots have their own identity

While 20th Century slot machines had an element of variety, it was only a very surface-level type of variety. The machines may have had different pictures on the casing, and they may have had different names (although luck, the number seven, and gold were often present in one form or another in the naming process). What they didn’t have was characterisation, in-game music, or boss levels. These are all present in many of the most popular slots of the present day. Indeed, if you do play a slot that resembles what most people think of when they hear of slot machines, it’s more or less guaranteed that it will be sold as “retro” or “classic”. There are even slot franchises with sequels and popular characters these days.

Game developers are gaining reputations


It used to be the case that creating a slot game was a simple formulaic process where you only needed to combine a few typical elements and you’d have a finished product. Now, there are slot game developers with individual reputations and profiles. People get excited about a new game from a leading provider. Casinos sign large licensing deals with new and innovative game creators. While casino games can’t ever become like video games in the truest sense, it’s impossible not to see how video gaming has influenced the casino industry in the present day.