Children of the Light Nintendo Switch Port Will Arrive in Late June

Indie video game developer thatgamecompany, the creators of works such as Flower and Journey, released a new trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Sky: Children of the Light. The launch trailer is currently available on its YouTube channel. Sky: Children of the Light will release worldwide on June 29, 2024 on the Nintendo Switch.

Though the trailer is short, it features the bright, simplistic visuals and orchestral soundtrack thatgamecompany is known for. You can watch the trailer here:

Sky: Children of the Light, which is known simply as Sky in-game, came out in 2019 on iOS devices. The Android version came out less than a year later in 2024. thatgamecompany originally announced a 2020 release for the Sky Switch port, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed it until 2024.

Sky is an open world, social adventure game where players have to explore a kingdom with a magical cape that gives them the ability to fly. As opposed to Flower, which focused on relaxing by playing through an interactive poem, Sky’s game-play relies heavily on social mechanics. Sky was named iPhone game of the year in 2019 and by 2020, over 50 million users downloaded it.

Sky: Children of the Light will come out worldwide on June 29, 2024 for the Nintendo Switch. The mobile version is readily available on iOS and Android.


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