Chivalry 2 is already planning to add even more maps for its biggest battles

Chivalry 2 has just charged through the gates, bringing players across systems together in cross-platform multiplayer clashes between 64 screaming, flaming, hack, and slashing knights. It isn’t just the player counts that make Chivalry 2’s battles even larger than before. Its giant team objective maps are multi-stage battles that throw both teams into escalating clashes. Each map tells its own story, just like the chaotic medieval melees of big-screen films that inspired them. Some begin with sieges that become frantic city sackings. Others are chaotic nighttime raids that transition from burning barricades to assaulting a keep. Chivalry 2’s biggest battles keep you constantly fighting tooth and nail for the next objective.

The Siege of Rudhelm is just one of those five huge battles. You spawn in after what’s apparently been weeks of siege at Rudhelm, where you’ll play as either the Mason Order defending the stronghold and its heir or the attacking Agatha Knights making their final assault. You’ll be able to showcase your first-person slashing combat skills just like in team deathmatch or free-for-all maps, but there’s a strategic level to be thinking about too. Which side is victorious is down to your team’s ability to defend objectives and use the map to their advantage. 

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