Cyberpunk cat game Stray comes to PS4, PS5, and PC in early 2022

A new trailer for Stray, the futuristic cyberpunk adventure game in which you’ll control a cat, offers our best look yet at developer BlueTwelve Studio’s game. The cat-centric gameplay looks impressively authentic; as the titular stray cat, you’ll knock things over to solve puzzles and create new pathways, leap through a strange city with feline grace, and claw up furniture because you despise humans’ material investments.

Most of what you’ll do in Stray draws upon the real-world abilities of a cat. But you also have a helpful companion, a drone named B-12, who offers other gifts. B-12 will helpfully interact with objects in the world and communicate with the city’s robotic inhabitants. The cat will also have to avoid danger from rat-like creatures, but with the help of B-12, it appears the cat can turn the tables and kill them en masse with a purple light.

The cat can also very believably lick its butt, as seen in the GIF below.

Stray is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC sometime in early 2022.

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