Daisy Fans Aren’t Happy With The New Mario Golf: Super Rush Update

Mario Golf Super Rush
Image: Nintendo

Earlier this week, Nintendo rolled out a sizable update for the recent Switch release Mario Golf: Super Rush.

As you might have already seen in the full patch notes, Version 2.0.0 adds Toadette as a new character, New Donk City as a new level and Ranked Match mode. There are also a number of general changes and there’s one in particular that some Daisy fans aren’t happy with.

She no longer says “whatever” when getting a Bogey on a hole. It’s now been changed to “booo”. The following tweet highlighting this change has been liked more than 4,000 times:

@Lythero Nintendo removing Daisy saying “whatever ” and changing it to “oooh booo ” is so weird. Like did someone on the team get real mad over her showing a singular iota of sass? THAT was still too much personality?

And here’s what this new line sounds like compared to the old one:

One response to the original tweet joked about how “Nintendo fears the power of Daisy’s sass”. While many other fans of Daisy also feel it’s a step back for the character’s personality.

Did you notice this change yourself? How do you feel about it? As always, leave your thoughts down below.

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