Death Note Collaboration in Identity V is Full of References

NetEase has revealed the showroom animations for the upcoming Death Note collaboration in Identity V. The three Survivors and one Hunter that will receive skins based on the popular manga and anime series are the Evil Reptilian, Lawyer, Mechanic, and “Prisoner.” During the event, you can open essences to unlock limited collaboration skins and pets.

The showroom animations will play when you are preparing to put the skins onto the characters. They are all based off of familiar scenes from the show. For instance, the Lawyer’s showroom animation features the scene when Light willingly imprisons himself, and the Mechanic’s animation is based off of Misa’s photoshoot from her introduction episode.

You can view the animations for everyone here:

The Identity V Twitter also uploaded a promotional video for the Death Note collaboration that you can view here:

The video draws on elements that are present in the anime’s first opening. For example, the imagery of Light and L facing each other down from the rooftops is taken from the show, as well as the shot of Ryuk taking flight from a tower. There are also voices for the showroom animations. Mamoru Miyano, Aya Hirano, Kappei Yamaguchi, and Shido Nakamura reprise their roles. In addition, Jealous and Rem will appear as pets that can follow your character around on the map.

Identity V is available on mobile devices and Windows PC. The Death Note collaboration will start on May 27 and run until June 24, 2022.


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